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Interviews |  18 Dec 2022 00:35 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rev Shergill's 'Early morning' is inspired by his childhood friends 

MUMBAI: Rev Shergill drops his latest song “Early morning”.

Radioandmusic got in touch with Rev Shergill to know more about his latest release, musical journey and his thoughts on his current scenario in the music industry.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on “Early morning”, what was your inspiration/thought behind it?

Thank you so much , the inspiration is my childhood friends who’s face I wanna wake up to everyday. I just woke up one morning and starting singing this line, jab dekhun tera chehra.

Sum up your musical journey of 2022.

It has been a beautiful journey with some heavy days.. few things got released which were long time due and finished recording a lot of songs ,got some new gears ..much more clarity towards life and my new releases.

Share some insights on your upcoming projects and what can your listeners expect from you in the following year?

I will be releasing tons of music this year which will have a mixture of Pop,Rnb ,Hip hop,new age with a poetic approach and also will be performing live with all these songs . Wrote a song for a Dharma project which will be releasing this year and working for some new projects in pipeline.

What do you think of the current scenario in the music industry?We have seen that the frequency of the songs are relatively low as compared to pre pandamic Era. What's your take on it?

I think this is the best time for independent music and the listeners for indie music ,underground scene is increasing. i feel the app culture like spotify ,applemusic ,etc people get to discover new artists ,which is really important as a community . May be the frequency is low but personally my frequency of releasing songs has increased.