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Interviews |  24 Dec 2022 15:59 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Loop of Life' shows the cycle of life, says Band Rawmats 

MUMBAI: Chandigarh independent Band Rawmats drops their latest album “Loop of Life”.

“Loop of Life” consist of 11 songs. All the songs are very different from each others like in music genres & writing pattern.

What is the story behind naming the album “Loop of Life” ?

Loop of life shows the cycle of life that how a person evolves thorough out his life. It represents different phases of life like love,separation,chasing dreams & family etc. The symbol of loop represents that nothing is permanent all things in life will come & go and that phase will come to you again like a loop.

How was your band created?

Our brand was created in 2017 & we were family friends and belongs to same gadwali community from Uttarakhand. So we knew each others since childhood and we all had same craving for music. So it all happened.

Sum up your experiences of the year 2022 as a band?

2022 was a roller coaster for us. So many ups & down. But the best thing was that we have created a masterpiece in our career & that is our album with 11 songs that was very challenging for us & we are happy with the outcome

Inspiration you had throughout this year to keep you going?

The things inspired us throughout this year is our bond and love for each other its more like a brotherhood. Our sacrifices and dedication for our work. We cheer up each other during bad days and celebrate 5 years of togetherness

What's next in your pipeline?

We love to experiment. So, we will do some unexpected things in future like different music tastes and fusions. Some regionals and also pan india content

What are the challenges you guys have faced as the aspiring indie band?

There are very few bands compared to solo artists which makes us unique. Every individual have a face value and equal participation in songs & music videos. And we enjoy it every part of this journey is a celebration.