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Interviews |  24 Dec 2022 17:41 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Mera Safar' is a belief that the real happiness lies in the journey and not in the destination: Iqlipse Nova

MUMBAI: Deepanshu Raj aka Iqlipse Nova drops “Mera Safar” which has been growing tremendously on reels.

On the streaming front it is dominant in the Spotify Viral charts India and had even climbed up to #1 spot too. Radioandmusic got in touch with Iqlipse Nova to know more about the story behind ‘Mera Safar’.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on "Mera Safar”, what is it about?

Mera Safar is about this belief that the real happiness lies in the journey and not in the destination. Once you start enjoying the process, the destination becomes just another milestone in the larger picture! You always move on to something bigger!

what is the story behind Mera Safar?

It was the year 2020. I was in my college fourth year at IIT Delhi. One day I was sitting in my hostel room with a friend from Delhi University who was playing some random chords on his guitar. Just then I came up with the melodies for Mera Safar. Within half an hour 70% of the song was ready!

At that point of time I was going through self-doubt, had pressure for college placements and had a lot of people going down on me. The song lyrics is a reflection of the positive side of me tackling all those problems and consoling myself.

At a very young age you are on fire!!! What’s your story?

Well, looking at the number of dreams in my wish-list, I really don’t think that I am still on fire yet, there’s a long way to go and a long game to play!

But yeah, regarding my story, I belong to a small town called Katihar in Bihar. I wanted to be a musician since I was a kid but the only thing that I was exposed to back then was studies. My parents wanted me to be an engineer. I didn’t see any other option! Thankfully I was good at studies and got into IIT Delhi to pursue my Btech. and Mtech. in chemical engineering.

But the day I got into college, I started working on my craft and started posting on my YouTube channel. Released 3 originals while I was in college and here I am with Mera Safar!
Future projects?

Thankfully I am already ready with a bunch of songs with me. The actually dilemma right now is- which one do I release next?

Should I release a solo or the collab ones! The sad one or the happy one!

But yeah, no matter whatever I release next, I am all positive and all ready to surprise people with good stuff in the next one year!

What made you get into this space and not film music?

Well it might sound very narcissistic of me but I believe that I should be the one representing my song because I know the emotions behind it first hand! This gets hindered when you get into Bollywood music - you are singing for someone else.  

Not that I am saying that I will never do playbacking singing - but yeah, if at all I do it - I will be very selective!