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News |  19 Jul 2016 20:51 |  By RnMTeam

Listen: The new heart-wrenching 'Outlandish' single that noone's talking about

MUMBAI: Danish outfit Outlandish released its latest single 'My Old Man' early last month and although it took over the music space in Denmark by storm, but it's only now that the single has reached widely to its fans around the world. Released on Universal Music, the song dedicated to Fathers is a tribute to the `not much talked about father-son bond’.

The song is being lapped up not only by the Danish fans but also by music lovers in general as it picks up steam across radio and TV channels in the country. With its heart tugging lyric and a strong sing-a-long hook, the song is soon becoming one of the most requested songs on the airwaves.

“My Old Man” is a track of immense lyrical subtlety yet mixed seamlessly with a stunning musical simplicity. A song for both head and heart, it deals with the complex relationships the band members have with their fathers and how that relationship filters through into their own behavior as they become fathers themselves. It is a song about honor and pride, about fragility, understanding and forgiveness, about how love is not defined by ones words but by ones actions, about how, at the end of the day, after all the battles, conflicts etc, as band member Isam describes it, “the apple never falls far from the tree”.

With this brilliant new single, Outlandish have shown that they are capable of creating new music which is simultaneously timeless and absolutely of its time!

The artwork for the single is a shot taken using an original 1850s camera. It visually complements what the song achieves when it reaches our ears and our hearts.

Formed in 1991, in a suburb of Copenhagan, Lenny, Waqas and Isam a.k.a. Outlandish have now been around for 25 years and in this time they have sold more than a million singles and 300,000 albums worldwide. Their biggest hits include “Aicha”, “Walou” and “Guantanamo” which all together have sold over 7 million compilation units in over 30 countries!

The band members came from very different backgrounds - Lenny was born in Honduras but arrived from Cuba when he was 14, Waqas family were originally from Pakistan and Isam’s parents came originally from Morocco - but they bonded over their love of music, its range, diversity and potential. They took a variety of these influences, from North African music to Latin-American tunes from the 1920s, the sounds they heard their parents playing as they were growing up, and mixed them in with the contemporary musical voices that spoke to them about their own situations, and from this melting pot came their own distinctive voice.
“My Old Man” is available across digital platforms exclusively on Universal Music.