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News |  28 Apr 2018 17:00 |  By RnMTeam

Dance to these songs this International Dance Day

MUMBAI: Commemorating the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, a distinguished choreographer and the creator of modern ballet; 29 April is celebrated as International Dance Day. While we dance every day, sometimes to the tune of life, or our boss, or someone else, one day can be dedicated officially to dance on legit songs.

Mostly we look for an occasion to dance, birthday party, weddings, clubbing, vacation. And International Dance Day is a reason enough to shake yourself up and for that, you don’t have to be a professional dancer. What is dance without music?

Let’s have a look at 15 iconic songs, which could give us the required beat to swing in style and dance like no one is watching.

Single Ladies (Beyonce): Because you can’t start a talk about dance without mentioning Beyonce. Her killer dance moves and the thumping beat of the song can make you want and hit the dance floor with vengeance.

Gangnam Style (Psy): A song that took the world by storm and went viral even in the not so viral age. The best thing about this song is that it requires no training in dance. Best suited after 3 shots of vodka!

Lean On (Major Lazer): A blend of worthy lyrics and racing tempo, Lean On has been a party regular for two years. What’s more, some portions of the video were shot in India. Even more reason, to dance with joy!!

Watch Me Whip (Silento): That unique beat and slow tempo, can make anyone a dancer with a swag. You can’t listen to it, not pout and not move in style.

Vogue (Madonna): Madonna. The name says it all. Best way to feel glamorous, is to dance to her songs, because it’s all about glitz and glamour.

Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice): The legendary Ice Ice Baby, is perfect for this scorching heat. If body doesn’t respond to this beat, get yourself checked. Set the dance floor on fire with this one.

Last Friday Night (Katy Perry): A mini bio of every millennial’s Friday night with techno sounds. Katy Perry’s song is the best way to start our dance session.

Thriller (Michael Jackson): Talking about dance and not mentioning MJ is an unpardonable crime. No matter which generation you belong to, you have to have danced on those songs and give an attempt to moonwalk, no matter how lame. This is one of the most iconic songs by MJ. The spooky vibe and lethal dance moves, you can channelize all your “ghost like” moves for this one and no one would judge you.

The Ketchup Song (Las Ketchup): No one who has grown up in the 90’s has been devoid of this beat. We might miss out on the language, but the beat is unmissable.

Crank That (Soulja Boy Tell Em): For the gangsta feel, this your go-to song. Put this on and groove like never before.

Macarena (Los del Rio): Ruling the party playlist for over two decades now, this Spanish song has the power to change the atmosphere and mood within a fraction of a second. Kids love, youngsters love it, adults love it. It’s an all-time favourite.

The Loco-Motion (Kylie Minogue): A perfect track for an all girls’ party, Kylie Minogue’s The Loco-Motion is a chirpy song. And the song says, “Do the Loco-Motion, Swing your hips”. Follow the words, beat and make it your own.

Saturday Night (Whigfield): The title says it all. Saturday night spells party, and party spells dance. This song has been revered heavily by all the dance lovers and party goers. And there is a reason for it.

Temperature (Sean Paul): This song must have blasted a million audio systems of cars. The beat can put life into furniture. Soar the temperatures by dancing to this song.

On the Floor (Jennifer Lopez): Well, we can’t ignore a song by the goddess. JLO, is was and will be the most loved singer of this millennium. This signature song has set many dance floors on fire, with people letting loose completely.

Groove to some of the dopiest choreography in the world of music videos this International Dance Day with Vh1’s special at 12 pm and a repeat at 6 pm.