Entertainment  |  24 Jun 2023

Kim Petras reveals what Madonna whispered to her before Grammys performance

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Kim Petras has revealed the encouraging words that Madonna shared with her before her historic performance at the Grammys

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Entertainment  |  01 Oct 2019

Don't scrap gender-based awards categories: Peter Andre

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre has slammed the notion of abolishing 'best male' and 'best female' categories at the BRIT Awards.

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Entertainment  |  30 Sep 2019

Artist Originals (AO): Punjabi pop sensation Jaz Dhami releases latest track 'Bomb Bae'

MUMBAI: Building on his growing reputation as a unique lyrical storyteller, UK-based singer Jaz Dhami is releasing a new track, Bomb Bae.

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Entertainment  |  14 Sep 2019

Sam Smith wants to be addressed as 'they' amidst gender war!

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith, who came out as non-binary earlier this year, wants fans to refer to him as 'they' and 'them' instead of 'he' and 'him'.

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Entertainment  |  06 Sep 2019

Sam Smith loves wearing heels

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith says he felt very good after wearing heels at a red carpet event. 

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Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2019

Sam Smith's acoustic version of 'How Do You Sleep' will keep you hooked!

MUMBAI: After leaving fans spellbound with his classic dance moves on his latest heartbreak song How Do You Sleep, Sam Smith has released its acous

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Entertainment  |  22 Jul 2019

Music Review: Sam Smith aces bold look in 'How Do You Sleep'

MUMBAI: ‘Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't,’ is a famous phrase well said by Johnny Depp.

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Entertainment  |  04 Apr 2019

Sam Smith celebrates his body with 'naked day'

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith shed his clothes for a ‘naked selfie’ as he urges fans to embrace their "beautiful human bodies".

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Entertainment  |  18 Mar 2019

Sam Smith identifies himself as non-binary

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith reportedly divulged that he considers himself to be non-binary and explained how he came to this realisation.

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Entertainment  |  19 Feb 2019

MK delivers club-ready remix of latest Sigrid single 'Don't Feel Like Crying'

MUMBAI: BBC Music Sound of 2018 winner Sigrid has unveiled a floor filling set of MK remixes of her latest hit, Don’t Feel Like Crying, with

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Entertainment  |  29 Jan 2019

Sam Smith left with black eyes after surgery

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has been left with two nasty black eyes after undergoing a surgery.

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