Biz  |  24 Jun 2024

Six reasons why you should switch your wireless microphone from analogue to digital

MUMBAI: Of course, audible sound is analogue, but that doesn’t mean you and your audience should have to forego the many benefits of digital wirel

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Biz  |  22 Jun 2016

Sennheiser's top 50 battle of bands is back

MUMBAI: 70-year old German audio brand Sennheiser has announced the second edition of Sennheiser Top 50 - a battle of Indian bands from whom the to

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Entertainment  |  30 Jul 2015

The Local Train tops SennheiserÆs list of Top 50 emerging bands in India

MUMBAI: Sennheiser, the 70 year old German audio brand, recently concluded its ‘Sennheiser Top 50’ contest and announced the winners of the same.

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