Biz  |  25 Apr 2023

In the field of audio, Sennheiser brand in India has advanced professionally: Greg Beebe

With wired, wireless, Bluetooth, gaming, and noise-cancelling headphones, Sennheiser, a reputable and high-quality manufacturer of headphones, hea

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Biz  |  05 Apr 2023

Sennheiser Profile USB microphone: Product offers smooth operation and superior audio quality

MUMBAI: Most people are aware of Sennheiser's reputation as a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, particularly microphones.

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Biz  |  20 Jan 2023

Vipin Pungalia, Country Manager & Director- Sales Pro Audio at Sennheiser India reveals brand focus and upcoming plans

MUMBAI: Sennheiser has been a part of the audio community for more than 75 years and has become synonymous to offering its customers with premium a

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Biz  |  29 Jul 2019

Sennheiser's e935 offers best singing experience!

Mumbai: Sennheiser’s vocal dynamic microphone, e 935 is out in the market. This cardioid vocal microphone offers a very smooth, natural sound.

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Biz  |  13 Jul 2019

I see the future of audio transitioning with digital: Greg Bebee, Sennheiser

MUMBAI: Sennheiser Director Professional Audio Greg Bebee, who visited India, this year finds digital quite promising when it comes to the future

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Biz  |  28 May 2019

5 things that make Sennheiser stand out!

MUMBAI: It was in 1945 when an electrical engineer, Prof. Dr.

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Biz  |  25 May 2019

I am astonished that 50 per cent of Indian working population is under 25: Greg Bebee, Sennheiser

“It’s really been an enlightening experience to be exposed to so many cultures, people, and different ways of doing business.

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Biz  |  03 Apr 2019

Sony Music brings back Vinyl Pop Up to celebrate Record Store Day 2019

MUMBAI: On Saturday, 13 April 2019, The Corona Gardens (Ex Bungalow 9) will transform into a vinyl haven for music enthusiasts.

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Biz  |  20 Sep 2018

Fox My Box is a company that paints technology

MUMBAI: Innovation is the key to succeed in today’s time.

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Biz  |  21 Jun 2018

World Music Day: Music Lovers must check out these kick-ass gadgets from Sennheiser

MUMBAI: As World Music Day makes it grand entry, today, the world is immersed in the essence of music.

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Entertainment  |  12 Sep 2017

Sennheiser Top 50 comes with its final battle of bands at Hard Rock Cafe

MUMBAI: Strengthening its commitment of building a platform for independent music in India, Sennheiser announced its third edition of Sennheiser T

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