Entertainment  |  21 Jan 2023

Quote from Shahir Muneer of Divo on latest Government guidelines for social media influencers

MUMBAI: On regard to the latest Government guidelines on social media, Government has made it mandatory for social media influencers to disclose th

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Biz  |  07 Feb 2022

Quote from Shahir Muneer, Founder & Director of Divo on T-series entering OTT space

MUMBAI: Shahir Muneer, Founder & Director of Divo has something to say on T-series entering OTT space.

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Entertainment  |  30 Nov 2021

Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director Divo Music on digital music company Believe acquiring Think Music

MUMBAI: Shahir Muneer, is the Founder & Director of Divo, one of India’s leading and well-established digital media and music company based out

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Biz  |  13 Apr 2021

Divo's 2021 will focus on tech offerings for their clientele: Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director

MUMBAI: Divo, India’s leading digital media and music companies based out of South India.

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Entertainment  |  11 Mar 2017

Dhanush's directorial debut Power Paandi's music tops charts

MUMBAI: 'Power Paandi', the Tamil feature film starring Raj Kiran, written and directed by leading actor Dhanush with music by Sean Rolda

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