Entertainment  |  13 Jul 2024

Kumar Sanu opens up about his song “Mera Dil Tera Hone Laga”! A treat for all 90’s fans

MUMBAI: Kumar Sanu, the legendary singer known for his melodious voice that defined the 90s, is back with a new song that promises to rekindle the

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Entertainment  |  10 Oct 2011

The Soul of Ghazals - JAGJIT SINGH

MUMBAI:  On Monday morning, the Indian Musical heritage undoubtedly lost its priceless gem that sheltered in the hearts of millions with his...

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Biz  |  02 Jan 2010

Singers muted by composers, lyricists on royalty issue

MUMBAI: Melody seems to have been replaced with rage in the music industry with  playback singers tuned out of the ongoing debtate over the proposed...

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