Entertainment  |  05 Sep 2022

Ratnaa Sinha adds a rap zing, Apna Karenge sung by the popular rapper Spitfire for her film Middle Class Love

MUMBAI: In keeping with the young vibe and fiery spirit of the film, Ratnaa Sinha’s Middle Class Love is all set to launch their new song and it’s

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Entertainment  |  18 Aug 2022

Middle Class Love’s peppy new song Tuk Tuk starring Prit Kamani and Eisha Singh is out now; director Ratnaa Sinha lauds Himesh Reshammiya for infusing the film with youthful energy

MUMBAI: Musicians say that capturing young romance is one of the most unadulterated forms of music there is.

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Entertainment  |  13 Aug 2022

Get ready to be mesmerised by the love ballad of the year — Himesh Rashammiya brings melody back with ‘Naya Pyaar Naya Ehsaas’ from Ratnaa Sinha’s second directorial, ‘Middle Class Love'

MUMBAI: The lure of first love is hard to not be charmed by. Director Ratnaa Sinha recreates it for her upcoming Middle Class Love.

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Entertainment  |  20 Oct 2020

Velvet Vibes is all set to launch their third track, Khush Hoon Main on October 20; the peppy song features Maska fame Prit Kamani

MUMBAI: After the English track, Hate The Way, and Jaana Zaroori Tha themed on the issue of mental health, Velvet Vibes is all set to release their

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