Entertainment  |  24 Aug 2023

Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK join forces to release new song ‘Teacher Track’

MUMBAI :In their highly anticipated collaboration titled "Teacher Track," Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK join forces over the pulsating beats o

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2014

Universal Music UK strikes partnership with Sony DADC UK

MUMBAI: Sony DADC UK has partnered with Universal Music UK on a multi-year Pick, Pack and Ship service contract, which will go live in 2015.

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Biz  |  09 Oct 2014

New streaming services will help boost music industry in India: Savio D'Souza

MUMBAI: The Indian Music Industry (IMI), as part of combating piracy on the internet, was able to get an order to block 300 websites and four cour

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Biz  |  22 May 2014

Consumers in Asia show us the future of the music industry: Universal music's Max Hole

MUMBAI: Music fans across Asia and the way they consume music are poised to become major drivers of the music industry in the 21st century said Ma

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Entertainment  |  28 Apr 2014

I Can't Make You Love Me

Label: Universal Music Singer: Priyanka Chopra Rating: 3/5

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Biz  |  02 Jan 2014

Universal Music Iberian Peninsula President Simone Bose dies

MUMBAI: A couple of months back, Universal Music had appointed Simone Bose as the President of Universal Music Iberian Peninsula, but his sudden de

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Entertainment  |  02 Oct 2013

Universal Music Iberian Peninsula appointed Simone Bose

MUMBAI: Universal Music Iberian Peninsula has appointed Simone Bosé as the President.

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Biz  |  03 Jun 2013

T Suresh: "EMI has always been profitable"

It is time to say goodbye to one of the major music labels- EMI Music India that will soon be merged with Universal Music. In one of the last...

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Biz  |  30 May 2013

Vinit Thakkar: "Digital is the core of Universal Music"

In the Indian music industry market, innovation and experimentation have been the two major challenges haunting for a very long time. Unfortunately,...

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Entertainment  |  28 Feb 2013

Apache Indian: "I would like to do a movie on my life"

For more than 22 years, British vocalist Apache Indian has performed a highly eclectic form of reggae informed by the Bhangra style of his East...

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Biz  |  22 Feb 2013

Devraj Sanyal: "Film and non-film music genres should have an equal play"

Universal Music India and SAARC MD Devraj Sanyal shares his view on what needs to be done to grow the music business, especially in the non-film...

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