|  29 Nov 2023

Rapper Panther talks about 'Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper Raga

MUMBAI: Rapper Panther releases a new independent song titled ‘Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper ‘Raga’.

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 |  18 Dec 2022

Rev Shergill's 'Early morning' is inspired by his childhood friends 

MUMBAI: Rev Shergill drops his latest song “Early morning”.Radioandmusic got in touch with Rev Shergill to know more about his latest release, musical journey and his thoughts on his current scenario in the music industry.Check the interview below:

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 |  12 Dec 2022

Danish Sood talks about how he balances being an actor and composer 

MUMBAI: Actor and composer, Danish Sood who plays the key role as Randeep Hooda’s Brother in the series ‘CAT’ on Netflix recently composed the song “Jaanu Na” for Mismatched Season 2 (Netflix, 2022), that turned out to be a huge success with a million streams across platforms.

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 |  30 Nov 2022

RIDI's latest song 'Merry Go Round' is filled with different emotions

MUMBAI: Switzerland-based artist RIDI drops Indian melody “Merry Go Round”.Radioandmusic got in touch with RIDI to know more about her latest song and her collaboration with music icons Mousse T and Diamond Duggal.Check the interview below: 

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 |  21 Nov 2022

Roposo allows people to get to know me on a deeper level, says Ash Daniel

MUMBAI: Singer Ash Daniel started as a singer but now he has opened up to hosting shows and taking interviews through Roposo.

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 |  14 Nov 2022

KARMA drops an ultimate break-up song 80's Ke Songs

MUMBAI: KARMA dropped his latest track 80’s Ke Songs in association with Sony Music.

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 |  14 Nov 2022

DJ ARYAN dropped his debut single ‘Safe And Sound’

MUMBAI: DJ ARYAN recently his debut single ‘Safe And Sound’.Radioandmusic got in touch with DJ ARYAN to know more about “Safe and Sound” and the message behind it. The singer also talks about his musical journey.Check the interview below:

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 |  20 Oct 2022

Taaruk Raina says director Akarsh Khurana build his faith to create Mismatched season 2 theme song ‘Kho Gaye’

MUMBAI: Musician-Actor Taaruk Raina who played a roll in Mismatched season 1 not only has to play a private roll in season 2 but has also composed, written, sung and produced the theme song for this season.

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 |  28 Sep 2022

Bann Chakraborty is grateful to Shashanka Ghosh for believing in him for 'Plan A Plan B'

MUMBAI: Music composer Bann Chakraborty composed songs and background score for Netflix Original's upcoming feature film "Plan A Plan B", directed by Shashanka Ghosh.The film is set for release on September 30th, 2022, starring Riteish Deshmukh and Tamannaah Bhatia.

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 |  27 Sep 2022

Film music composer Mithoon says ‘Ji Huzoor’ put him in a different situation

MUMBAI: Film music composer- songwriter Mithoon drops “Ji Huzoor” for film Shamshera.“Ji Huzoor” is composed, arranged, produced and penned by Mithoon says “Every song I do is driven by a thought”.

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 |  01 Sep 2022

Julius Packiam emphasised on how BGM composers get less credit

MUMBAI: Composer Julius Packiam who has recently been nominated for the BGS for the film 83 talked about how people don't give that much credit to BGM composers “music is not meant to be intrusive or distract the audience. It's meant to just complement each and every scene”.

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 |  29 Aug 2022

Roposo’s The MIC winner Gaurav Gerera says the competition and win was an exhilarating and surreal experience

MUMBAI:India's leading creator-led live entertainment commerce platform Roposo, celebrated the finale of its maiden Live singing competition, ‘The MIC’.

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